Catherine & Thomas

August 3, 2019Ottawa, ON

Our Story
Catherine & Thomas, Happily Ever After.

It's such a classic love story, boy meets girl...On Tinder. Catherine wasn't looking for love, she just wanted to play the field but, anybody who knows her even a little bit, knows that she falls hard and fast and this time was no exception. Thomas came along and she tried to play it cool but...after only one date, she was done for. She was hesitant about going on said first date, especially since it was a blind date, and almost cancelled. The little voice in her head told her she had to and so she did.

The dinner service at Milestones was so quick that the meal was done within half an hour and Thomas didn't even want dessert, that alone normally would have made Catherine run but she stayed and had to come up with a plan to spend more time with him so she invited him for drinks. They talked for hours and hours and pissed off the server while they were at it, only having one drink each and staying there until closing time. Thomas was quite the gentleman and even offered Catherine a ride home but only crazy people get in a car with a stranger they met on Tinder. Thomas played it cool much better than Catherine did, only giving her a hug at the end of their first date, leaving her confused. The next night, she anxiously waited for him to text her again to which he did not and she decided to text him instead and they agreed to go on a second date. They've been inseperable ever since.

The Wedding

Saturday, August 3, 2019
4:00 PM
Attire: Semi-formal
3235 Sarsfield Road, Sarsfield, ON, Canada
3235 Sarsfield Road, Sarsfield, ON, Canada

We are taking the opportunity to dress up on this occasion and we hope that you do too! It will most likely be a hot day, we do not expect the gentlemen to be decked out in a full suit, just a nice dress shirt and pants will do. Ladies, although weddings are a great time to wear heels, this particular one will be taking place in a backyard so flats or wedges would be best to avoid sinking into the grass!

If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies, please let us know in the comment box of your RSVP. We will have vegetarian and gluten-free options available. Also, no seafood will be served because of a number of guests having severe allergies to shellfish.

No need to enter all of your information to find your invitation, just your first and last name will do.

We want the photos you take on the big day! Please download The Guest onto your smartphones so we can see your awesome pictures! Use code CATHERINETHOMAS2019